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Boeing Satellite- El Segundo
Avion Tool Mfg & Machining Center, Inc. Customers
"I would like to advise you of the superb support Boeing Satellite Systems has recently received, from Alison Horne. Alison was professional, understood our extreme schedule requirements and delivered product, as promised (accelerated delivery). Alison is true to her word (she replied to every E-mail and every phone call, regarding this urgent requirement, within minutes of our requests). Alison is a true Team Member, and the Boeing Team appreciates all of her efforts, to avoid a line stoppage. Thank you, Avion Tool!"- Christine- Procurement Agent
Avion Tool Mfg & Machining Center, INC takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our customers.
We have a diverse customer base including the medical field, space and defense, as well as various other industries.  We take the time to understand our customers needs and keep them in the loop during the manufacturing process.
"Avion Tool continues to exceed my expectations. Customer service is top notch here, not a concern. Quality and delivery are the most important to me. Keep doing what you’re doing; continue to expand your product line to allow for more types of parts/material/processes. Nothing more comforting than a business investing back into their assets and employees."- Steven - Procurement Agent
"Great response time, pleasure to work with.. I can count on Avion for quick quote responses and quality parts." - Sean- Procurement Agent